Lisa Hanna & the “Swimsuit Scandal”

Minister-Lisa-Hanna-Official-Web-471x600Lisa Hanna is Minister of Youth and Culture and a Member of Parliament. She’s also a former Miss World. She’s a beautiful, stylish woman whom the photographers love, and people love to talk about her. So when a gorgeous photo of the Minister at the beach in a swimsuit (come on, it was) hit social media, via her Instagram page, we came close to having to call in the Office of Disaster Management and Emergency Management to coordinate the resulting crisis. Read more at right here. 

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Is the West Kingston Enquiry a Waste of Time?

Image by master isolated images

Image by master isolated images

Please read my post on this issue at – I’d love to know what you think!

The answer to the question as to whether the West Kingston enquiry, just started at the Jamaica Conference Centre, is a waste of time probably depends on your expectations. If you want to see someone pronounced guilty and sent to prison, then you may well find it a waste of time since the enquiry is not a criminal trial.

Read more here. 

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The Jamaican on The Voice

Image by Stuart Miles at

Image by Stuart Miles at

LOTS of discussion about Anita Antoinette, the Jamaican appearing on the current edition of the US talent show The Voice.  Check out my post on on why she’s not getting the love that Tessanne did!

Are we ignoring the Jamaican contestant on the current edition of The Voice because she’s black, with dreadlocks? Anita Antoinette auditioned two years ago on Season 3 but didn’t impress the judges enough to get a chair to turn. This time she’s made it into the Top 12 after a four-chair turn-around in the blind auditions, and some are asking “Where’s the excitement from Jamaica this time?” Read more here.


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Is The Age of Innocence the Age of Consent?

Should the age at which people can legally consent to sexual intercourse be 16? Or should it be raised to 18? I explore this and related issues in two posts on on this issue, Part 1 which you can read here and Part 2 which you can read here. Check them out. Let me start you off….

“Children shouldn’t be having sex!”

“You can’t vote at 16, so why should a 16-year-old be allowed to have sex?”

“Our laws need to send the message that we don’t believe that it is ok to have sex at 16!”

This is just a sampling of the types of responses that have been generated in the wake of the review of the Sexual Offences Act, and in particular the status of children under the Act. Remember, anyone under the age of 18 is a child, according to the Child Care and Protection Act.

The problem is that the discussion, as it generally unfolds, ignores the wider context of the various age limits applicable to childhood and the reasons for the disparities. Read more here.

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Marital Rape Still an Issue in Jamaica in 2014

Hi there, I am blogging at on this issue of marital rape – do check it out!

What should we make of the (renewed) protests against the proposal to criminalise rape in all circumstances, including those within a marriage? The protests, or perhaps worse, the snickering, trivialize what is one of the most important issues facing women all across the world, that of domestic violence. Read more here.


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A New Police Commissioner For Jamaica

Today, I am logging at about the advent of a new Police Commissioner – check it out!

Jamaica_Constabulary_Force_emblem.svg (1)Carl Williams will be taking on arguably one of the toughest jobs in Jamaica at an especially difficult time for the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

The killing of St. James resident Mario Deane while in police custody in August has shone an unflattering light on one of the most problematic areas of the public’s interaction with those who claim to serve and protect – the conditions in police lock-ups and the ways in which people find themselves there. Read more here.

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Stephen Fray’s Appeal is Important

Image by David Castillo Dominici at

Image by David Castillo Dominici at

Today, I’m blogging at about the latest developments in the case of Stephen Fray, the Jamaican who aws found guilty of multiple charges after he boarded a plane in 2009 with a gun. Do read!

The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, Jamaica’s highest court, has granted Stephen Fray permission to appeal, a move which will lead to important developments in the area of criminal law. Fray is the Jamaican man convicted in relation to a hostage situation aboard an aircraft at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay in 2009. Read more here. 

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