Source: Wikimedia Commons

Opposition Leader Andrew Holness has promised a strong opposition. Let’s also hope, more broadly,  for a strong Shadow Cabinet. What usually happens is that you have several stars in a Shadow Cabinet, usually the ” sexy” portfolios – finance, education, national security, transport & works for example. Many of the other spokespersons are rarely, if ever,  heard from.

Let’s try to remember how often we have heard, on a regular basis, considered statements or positions from  opposition spokespersons holding portfolios like environment, foreign affairs, gender affairs, and disabilities. Anything that serves to bring to light an issue smacking of corruption or government waste is how political careers are made. But important as this is, we should expect, and get, more from our Shadow Ministers.

There are many important issues that may not attract banner headlines. Nonetheless, if you aspire to government, it should be your task to articulate policy positions on all matters within your portfolio, sexy or not. If the complaint is that Parliamentary or news coverage is limited, fine, establish a blog, or facebook page and publish your positions there. I’ll be the first to sign up.