Whitney Houston -  Concert in Central Park   /...
Whitney Houston – Concert in Central Park / Good Morning America 2009 – Manhattan NYC (Photo credit: asterix611)

1. Seeing this beautiful, young, black teenager in the pages (and on the cover!!) of Seventeen – one of my favourite magazines, but one which featured mostly white girls. In an era in which I was searching for black, female images in the media, the photos of Whitney were a joy to me.


2. Buying her first album – on cassette (!!) for my new and highly-prized radio/cassette player and playing it so much my younger brother begged my mother to make me stop! Who could get enough of that first album with that unbelievable, soaring voice? I never got tired of songs like “How Will I know” “Saving All my Love” and of course “Greatest Love of All.”

How Will I Know
How Will I Know (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Her song for the 1988 summer Olympics “One Moment in Time” became my favourite Whitney song. Inspirational, so evocative of the beauty, power and glory of sports, and of course, that fabulous voice.

4. The incredible 2002 Diane Sawyer interview – fascinating for so many reasons. The power of TV, of an interview which takes right at just the right time, of a good interviewer getting the interviewee to open up (speaking as a journalist) and the dawning realisation of the tragedy that had become Whitney Houston’s life (speaking as a fan).


5. Seeing the first report of her death of Facebook and not being even a little surprised. Sad primarily for her daughter and family. She had already given us,  the fans, so much.