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So I joined the masses and did the Sigma Run/Walk/Wheelchair 5K Race.  Great event, for a fantastic cause and pushing the healthy lifestyle theme as well. My time? Hey I did it for charity!! Who’s watching the stopwatch? Especially when it becomes clear that you’re not breaking any records!!

I am, however, driven to ask – can we please have a few more bins along the way? Ok, make that a lot more bins. The only stretch on which you see lots of garbage bins is the stretch along Constant Spring and near to Half Way Tree.

For the initial part of the route, after you grab the first set of (very!) welcome plastic bags filled with juice/water/whatever,  and the last part, once you pass Half Way Tree, where you may grab another bag, there are very few bins of

Plastic Bag
Plastic Bag (Photo credit: Clearly Ambiguous)

any kind.  I know there is clean-up afterward, but isn’t there a way to minimise the need for clean-up, so runners/walkers don’t leave a sea of plastic bags in their wake?

After you take a few sips of the juice/water/whatever it is, you then have the choice of running with the unwanted plastic bag in your hand or throwing it onto the ground. Guess what most people do? So while you’re huffing and puffing, trying simply to keep one weary foot going in front of the other (ok, that’s me) you also have to be dodging plastic bags full of juice in case you slide and fall.

I know whatever is done, there will be people who will still just dump the bags on the ground, comfortable that someone will be coming later with a broom and a bin. Still, I don’t think it is beyond us to do this a little better.

It’s not just road races.  This is generally the case with most public events/functions in Jamaica. The attitude seems to be, someone will clean it up after so why bother. Well, it looks horrible. And we can do better.