Usain Bolt in celebration about 1 or 2 seconds...
Usain Bolt in celebration about 1 or 2 seconds after his 100m victory at Beijing Olympics 2008, breaking the world record. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yea, yea I know. Sacrilege. A Jamaican, at a time when Jamaica holds a fistful of 100m world titles, saying she doesn’t like the 100m. But, emm, I don’t. Here’s why.


It’s over too fast! Uh, duh. It’s supposed to be over fast! I know, I know! The thing is, how can you enjoy a race that is over in 10 seconds? If you lean down to pick up the remote you might miss it!


Give me instead the races that allow for build-up of tension, and that showcase grace and strategy, not just an explosive start and raw speed. What’s more beautiful than a 200m athlete who looks to be behind then comes off the curve in front having run a brilliant turn?  Well, maybe a group of seasoned and experienced 400m or 800m athletes running a deliberate, intelligent race, resulting in a thrilling and down-to-the-wire finish.


These races are the ones that get my blood pumping. Sure, I’ll be on the black, green and gold bandwagon cheering on our 100m stars, and celebrating when they cross the finish line. But really, I’ll be looking through the schedule for the FUN races! Tell the truth! Don’t you agree with me?


(I won’t even comment on the 60m except to say I wish all our athletes the very best!)