Taxes (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

Yesterday I joined the throngs of people  rushing to the Constant Spring Tax Office to give Caesar his due. Three hours later I emerged, back aching, bleary-eyed, hungry, in fact, totally pop dung, as one of my colleagues commented.

I’m not taking on the three-hour waiting time to do a three-minute transaction, not today at least. I did wait until nearly the last minute and I didn’t try to file online. No, my complaint today is far more basic.



Is it really beyond someone in Customer Service, or for that matter, anyone in the entire Tax Department to suggest that chairs be provided for taxpayers? It has now become commonplace for business places with good customer service to have a numbering system and a place you can sit and wait. Hell, the passport office, another government agency with excruciatingly long waiting times, albeit all year round, has  provided two tents and chairs outside for customers, and there are more chairs once you get inside.



So what’s with the tax department? Too busy collecting money to think about the people paying it? This one is a no-brainer. Hey, I’m a taxpayer, I wouldn’t object to a couple thousand dollars being spent on some chairs. Would you?

taxes (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)