This is a follow-up to this morning’s post.

Denton Edwards, the decorator who says he was contracted to decorate the Montego Bay Civic Centre for the swearing-in of the Mayor this afternoon issued a statement on the matter.

He says that he was contacted by the St. James Parish Council on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 10:30 am to provide potted plants for the ceremony the next day. At approximately 7:30 pm he was also asked to provide a backdrop for the function which was to start at 12 noon.

He says on the morning of the 29th he started work, and then was told that he needed to complete the job by 11 am, as guests were to be seated at 11.30. He left the civic centre at approximately 9:00 am to get plants and floral arrangements.

He said when he returned he continued work on the backdrop and had completed the  upper green section of the flag when he was instructed by an official from the Office of the Prime Minister (Western Region)

“to forego the completion of the green in the interest of time to which I complied.”

Mr. Edwards said in his statement that:

“I wish to note that there was no shortage of green cloth to complete the task and would have been able to complete the backdrop depicting the Jamaican Flag if I was afforded the opportunity so to do.


He also states that:

“As it relates to published reports that I have committed to refund the contracted amount of $30,000.00, I wish to hereby refute such claim as I am currently out of pocket in terms of the cost of the project.”

Mr. Edwards has retained George Thomas, Attorney-at-law to act on his behalf.