Jamaicans who live abroad say it’s not until you live in another country that you really appreciate how lovely this island is. Not me. I don’t need to move thousands of miles away and freeze my a## off to enjoy what’s all around me. Here are just 5 reasons why.

1. Every Saturday morning, the jellyman comes calling. Deliciously fresh coconut water and jelly right at my gate, although I live in the middle of the city. Or as several of my social media friends pointed out, some of us are lucky enough to have the coconuts growing right in our backyards!

2. Gloriously coloured flowers everywhere you turn. Whether you find them in a carefully cultivated garden, or in the form of a random “weed” growing by the roadside, their bright hues are so prevalent it is, actually, very easy to take this feature of Jamaican life for granted.

3. The sea, in all its moods – I felt compelled to stop by White Horses in St. Thomas the other day, just to look at the waves galloping in and snap a quick picture. And then there are our beaches. Sheer bliss!  I can never quite understand the delight with which people overseas jump into cold, grey, opaque water, but then, hey, I’m spoiled. Sparkling blue water, (generally) warm, so transparent you can see right down to the sandy, white bottom…that’s a beach!

(Doctor’s Cave Beach, Montego Bay – photo – Wikipedia)

4. The mountains – majestic, soaring all around us. The UWI Bowl is a great place to really FEEL the presence of our mountains. I climbed to the Blue Mountain Peak once, and will never forget it. It felt like we were on top of the world!

(photo – Wikimedia Commons)

5. The Fruits –the mango is surely one of the most glorious fruits on the planet, bar none!   Julie, Bombay, East Indian, Number 11 and more – who can choose?

(photo – ALEAIMAGE) 

Then there are the naseberry, sweetsop, grapefruit, starapple, guava (harder and harder to get those though), tangerine, ortanique, ugly, tamarind, pawpaw…I’m making myself hungry!

Sugar apple with its cross section
Sugar apple with its cross section (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What would you add to this list?

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