Good piece on an important issue, and that begs for follow up. Thanks for this


So I finally dug this post out of one called Stanford! When I saw him get a response to his persistence I pounced…poor thing…but I’m tenacious, as he no doubt now realizes (and you’re welcome for the space, Stanny!).  And this is why I kept at him: every so often I’d see @stannyha tweet to @NEPAJamaica about some smuggled rare parrots.  At first I thought it was a random thing but then I saw the tweets again…and again…and again.  And I began to smile.  I LOVE it when us “ordinary” Jamaicans focus on an issue and demand answers from the folks in charge.  Yes, these are “just parrots”…but they’re not “just parrots.”  (Kinda like Twitter.) Big or small it’s important to us to demand action to protect the nation’s and citizens’ rights…to demand the action that is required to protect our country.  Stanford does just that, I think, and I hope NEPA…

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