English: Veronica Campbell during 2011 World c...
English: Veronica Campbell during 2011 World championships Athletics in Daegu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make no mistake about it. Veronica Cambell-Brown is our daughter. The news has spread like wildfire that she tested positive for a diuretic at the Jamaica Invitational in May. News outlets across the world have already picked up the story  and are not holding back in initial commentary. We now await subsequent developments.

But let us be clear about one thing. Any attempt to try to distance ourselves from VCB by saying she trained overseas and does not belong to our local athletic training camps is ill-advised.

Veronica is one of our most visible standard-bearers. She carried our flag during the 2008 Olympics. We made no distinction then. UNESCO appointed her a Goodwill Ambassador for Sports. We made no distinction then.  Over the years we rooted for her. Her grace, determination, doggedness and sheer hard work won our hearts. We screamed ourselves silly over her all her victories, such as her gold medals  in Athens and Beijing. We made no distinction then.

We hailed her achievements as the first female sprinter to win gold in the Caribbean and one of our best athletes ever.

It’s natural that we are all shocked and concerned right now. The implications of her positive test are tremendous, both for this incredible athlete and for Jamaica. The reactions so far, as expected, are mixed.

Some of her fans are declaring support.

“I really fail to believe that VCB knowingly did this. There must be some reasonable explanation.” – Facebook user

“My faith in Veronica Campbell-Brown will not allow for me to believe that she knowingly took Diuretics to hide any performance-enhancing drugs in her system.” – Gleaner website

Others suggest we wait quietly as the story develops.

“I believe we should wait to hear from VCB and stop speculating.”                                                                                                           – Facebook

But others have started to comment along these lines.

“Why is it the overseas athletes are the ones testing positive?”- Facebook

“She should have stayed in Jamaica and trained like Bolt… the American influence???” – Gleaner website

If a son or daughter comes home accused of doing something, depending on our

personality, we might immediately lash out, quietly assess the situation or refuse to believe the accusation. What we don’t do is say ”Bwoy, him used to spend all him time next door you know, so a nuh really fi mi pickney.”

Remember this. Win, lose or draw, VCB is ours.  

English: Veronica Campbell-Brown and Carmelita...
English: Veronica Campbell-Brown and Carmelita Jeter 200 m final – 2011 World championships Athletics in Daegu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)