Photo by DJ Miller
Photo by DJ Miller

It’s Independence Day here in Jamaica, and although I am not usually a “Rae Rae’ type, I have to tell you that something about the spirit of this day grabs me. It’s almost exactly like January 1 for me. Yes, yes, yes, I know all the problems – hey, I host TWO current affairs programmes – and maybe that’s why for this one day,  I just want to feel good.  I want to enjoy listening to some festival songs (Sweet Jamaica anyone?) wear my Jamaica gear  and marvel at the HUGE impact this tiny island has had on the world.

From this small country speaking out against apartheid to the global reach of Bob Marley to the impact of dance hall and the Jamaican language to the phenomenon that is Usain Bolt, we are indeed a great people. Do I wish we had actually maximised more on all our boundless potential? Of course. Do I feel near despair and hopelessness sometimes at the bad economy, high crime and clueless leadership? Totally.  But you know, sometimes you just have to relax, and celebrate the good and that’s what I’m doing today. The in-depth analysis of where we have fallen short can wait for another day.  Otherwise, how would we ever be able to get up and continue the struggle tomorrow? Are you with me? Happy Independence Day all!  

Emancipation Park - Ja 50 DJ Miller Photo
Emancipation Park – Ja 50
DJ Miller Photo