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November 2014

The Jamaican on The Voice

Image by Stuart Miles at
Image by Stuart Miles at

LOTS of discussion about Anita Antoinette, the Jamaican appearing on the current edition of the US talent show The Voice.  Check out my post on on why she’s not getting the love that Tessanne did!

Are we ignoring the Jamaican contestant on the current edition of The Voice because she’s black, with dreadlocks? Anita Antoinette auditioned two years ago on Season 3 but didn’t impress the judges enough to get a chair to turn. This time she’s made it into the Top 12 after a four-chair turn-around in the blind auditions, and some are asking “Where’s the excitement from Jamaica this time?” Read more here.



Is The Age of Innocence the Age of Consent?

Image by Simon Howden at
Image by Simon Howden at

Should the age at which people can legally consent to sexual intercourse be 16? Or should it be raised to 18? I explore this and related issues in two posts on on this issue, Part 1 which you can read here and Part 2 which you can read here. Check them out. Let me start you off….

“Children shouldn’t be having sex!”

“You can’t vote at 16, so why should a 16-year-old be allowed to have sex?”

“Our laws need to send the message that we don’t believe that it is ok to have sex at 16!”

This is just a sampling of the types of responses that have been generated in the wake of the review of the Sexual Offences Act, and in particular the status of children under the Act. Remember, anyone under the age of 18 is a child, according to the Child Care and Protection Act.

The problem is that the discussion, as it generally unfolds, ignores the wider context of the various age limits applicable to childhood and the reasons for the disparities. Read more here.

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