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December 2014

Lisa Hanna & the “Swimsuit Scandal”

Minister-Lisa-Hanna-Official-Web-471x600Lisa Hanna is Minister of Youth and Culture and a Member of Parliament. She’s also a former Miss World. She’s a beautiful, stylish woman whom the photographers love, and people love to talk about her. So when a gorgeous photo of the Minister at the beach in a swimsuit (come on, it was) hit social media, via her Instagram page, we came close to having to call in the Office of Disaster Management and Emergency Management to coordinate the resulting crisis. Read more at right here. 


Is the West Kingston Enquiry a Waste of Time?

Image by master isolated images
Image by master isolated images

Please read my post on this issue at – I’d love to know what you think!

The answer to the question as to whether the West Kingston enquiry, just started at the Jamaica Conference Centre, is a waste of time probably depends on your expectations. If you want to see someone pronounced guilty and sent to prison, then you may well find it a waste of time since the enquiry is not a criminal trial.

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