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May 2016

Carnival is woman. What if women refused to show up for carnival?


Feminist Conversations on Caribbean Life

I have written previously about being a 16-year-old girl at a school fair when a grown-ass man burnt me with his cigarette because I refused to dance with him.

I my teens I watched the colour drain from a friend’s face as we walked along Spring Garden in the thick Kadooment Day crowd. A man had sexually assaulted her as he casually walked by.

In my early twenties I was stung on the buttocks multiple time by a popular-for-the-season calypsonian in full view of security who only told him to “cool out” after I pleaded with them to do something.

Security at fetes is meant to keep men safe.  Security guards will break up fights between men.  I’m yet to see them intervene when women are being obviously harassed or assaulted.

There is a video of a fat, black Caribbean woman being sexually assaulted and stripped by a group of men…

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One Woman’s Journey from C Student to “Living Beyond My Dream”

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I was moved to share this account by entrepreneur Yaneek Page about her initial academic struggles and how she went from being a C student in high school to an honours student at university. Thanks so much for sharing Yaneek!!


“I am extremely happy and feeling quite blessed to be here with you this morning. In fact, I’ve been waiting on this day longer than some of you have even been alive. You see, I have a confession to make. In all my years at Immaculate Conception High School for Girls I have never graced a prize giving stage before today. Never. Not even once. Not even after the event to admire the stage and imagine what it would be like to be here.” Read more here.     calculator-scientific pexels.jpg



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