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Reality Television (Photo credit: badjonni)


For the uninitiated, Mission Catwalk is a Caribbean reality show, where aspiring fashion designers create outfits each week based on a specific challenge. Every week, one gets booted out. There has been great talent on display, and it’s a fun show, but could be even more fun. Here’s how.

The contestants need to be more natural. We WANT to see ourselves on screen. Those of us who like (love!) reality shows want to watch contestants chop some creole and drop some Jamaican (or Trini or whatever) attitude. Otherwise, we might as well be watching Project Runway or Fashion Star.

 “Dah dress deh shot like M-16!”

Ok, no one actually said that but how much more fun it would be if the contestants would let down their hair a little more and talk the way they really talk! Caribbean people are hilarious. In every gathering, you have loud talk and laughter and a couple of  crazy storytellers and jokers who can turn a trip to the patty shop into a rolling on the ground laughfest. I refuse to believe the contestants are really that quiet and emmm, ok, boring. I’m not saying make a jackass of yourself for the camera but, you know, loosen up!

Check out the fan favourites. Gregory and Keshon, the contestants who talked Jamaican, acted Jamaican and generally came across as entirely natural and uninhibited.  Our language is fun and colourful, and so were Gregory and Keshon. Big up to them. Gregory also made it to top three, so he’s also talented, I thought Keshon was too, and could see him developing a Biggy-type clientèle eventually.

I watch reality shows for the competition and talent, but you also want some energy and interaction. I don’t care how good the music is, unless it’s Rising Stars! Using music to fill the gaps and try to pump up the energy didn’t work for me.

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The show, like many local productions, has great potential. Expanding beyond Jamaica to include designers from other Caribbean countries was a smart marketing idea, plus helped to mix it up a little.

TV is as much about style as content. Great designers yes, but we also want super entertaining TV. Mission Catwalk  can get there. And yes, I’ll be watching next season!