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English: Open book icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fuddy-duddies aren’t supposed to like E-readers. And I admit it – I’m a fuddy-duddy. I resisted getting a Blackberry, I still haven’t started to use Internet banking, I like paying bills at a counter and getting back paper receipts – what can I say, I don’t like change. So the idea of using an E-reader just wasn’t a huge draw for me. Until I tried it. And I got hooked immediately. Here’s why.

1. It’s so easy to buy books – let’s face it, most local bookstores are really limited in what they stock, and even the best aren’t superstores. My corner of heaven is going to have a superstore bargain book table, so when I’m faced with a device that with a couple of clicks can instantly deliver to me any book I want, I’m already in heaven – until the credit card bill comes!

2.  One device can hold hundreds of books. All the classics you can download for FREE – and a bunch of other books you can buy for as little as a few $US (and anything else you want to buy for plenty $US.)  Confession – I’m a bag lady (I couldn’t find a picture of a bag lady who was good-looking and black and had locks, so I went with good-looking!)

. I walk around with four or five books at a time because I like to read several different books at once.

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The E-reader is supposed to eliminate that. Unless you then find yourself walking around with the E-reader plus four or five books, in which case I’m, I mean you’re,  beyond help.

3. Lighting. They have their own lighting source, so instead of cotching up under a reading lamp at night, you can see to read. This is especially important after you pass one of those landmark birthdays!

4.  They cut out the middleman. As an aspiring author, it’s great to know that if for some strange reason, I can’t find anyone willing to publish my M.Phil. thesis with the thrilling and provocative title of “The ecology of Procryptotermes corniceps in the Port Royal mangal, with some reference to Incisitermes schwarzi” (I’m not kidding), now I can put it out there myself and see the big bucks roll in!

So fuddy-duddies of the world, this E-reader thing really isn’t that bad! Give it a try and see!